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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kathi's Pages for Colleen's Book

truly done, after a few false finishes! i loved working on these and have all sorts of bits on them. I will be mailing to Nicki this week.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello my AFF friends!

Hello AFFs!!! Just dropping in to say hello. I know it has been a busy few months for all of us.

Just to recap where we are on our art journals:

I have in my possession Jody's journal and Denise's journal. I am almost finished with Jody's and will soon be mailing it to Denise. I will then work on Denise's and bring it to the retreat in April.

Where are the remaining journals?

It certainly will be a fun unveiling when we get together at the retreat! Fun, fun!

This has been a lovely journey in creativity and I have enjoyed playing with all of you. Should anyone decide on another AFF project, just jump on in and let us all know about it!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Apron strings"

Hi AFFs!!! "Apron strings" is the name of my pages for Kathi's journal. It is all loosely based around this pair of pink and white polka dot apron strings that I took from a 1940's vintage apron. The rest of the apron was used in a quilt I made for my daughter several years ago. I had always just loved this little polka dots any time!

So, I kind of thought I was going to do something steampunky on Kathi's pages...was I ever surprised when this piece of pink upholstery fabric that Kathi sent along grabbed me and wouldn't let go! I knew it had to go on my page. So that is really the start of my pages...the pink fabric centered on the front of the front page.

Next I thought it might be fun to stamp on the SS last year gave some stamps and pads and I had never used them on fabric so thought I would give it a try. There is actually a smudged print on the canvas beneath the pink fabric also. Had thought of leaving the pink loose...kind of a flap or door...but decided the smudged piece would just have to live underneath, never to be seen, so I stitched the pink stuff down. The beaded motif on the pink fabric is a necklace pendant I had made several years ago. It actually did have a beaded neck part but I took that off. The center of this pendant is a piece of resin-like plastic with an embedded greeting card in it that I found in a friend's grandmother's button box...I think it must be from the 40's ish also. Anyway, it has always been one of my favorite pieces. I just decided it really needed to go on this page. I did a mild gold/green treatment on the canvas to add color but it was not much and really looked washed out. Finally I decided to be brave and give it a bit more color with acrylic paints, green and a gold blended together. I am now happy with the front.

The back of the page contains a big, green velvet, garrish looking embroidered piece. This piece was something I found in a box of stuff I brought home from an auction...about 20 years ago! It was fully embroidered on a large, square of green velvet. I decided to trim the velvet to the shape of the embroidery and used a blanket stitch to attach to the canvas.

I also used a piece from a yellow dresser scarf...that I also have had about 20 years or so!...and then just did some random stitching and added crystal beads to make little pink flowerettes. I then painted the areas around the dresser scarf in Pepto Bismol pink to add some dimension to the piece.

My binding edges are the apron strings. Decided not to paint them...just left them with the original rick-rack and all. I have tried and tried to iron the wrinkles out but they just won't budge...must have been wrinkled all these years.

That is about it. It is nothing like I was planning but I am pleased with the finished product! I felt like I really let loose and let the art just take me to the finishline. Kathy, hope you find something interesting in it!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another page done! Denise's on the way!

For the past month I have had just about a half hours worth of work to do on your pages Denise and just never could find the finishing touch. Well I finally did - yahoo! A couple of little birdies just flew in for a visit so now your pages are complete.

I started this first page off by painting some gesso on a piece of canvas and then painting it with acrylic paints mixed with dyes to make it look like the sky in the early morning. Next I picked a few ferns from my front yard, slapped on some green paint and gently pressed them onto the dried canvas. Once completely dried, I hand dyed some pieces of lace that I thought would fit in with the nature-like scene I was trying to create. Rob and I had taken a kayak trip early one morning and saw a couple of swans so I decided to try depict them swimming around the shores of the lake.

For the second page I tried something a bit different. Using the same technique with the gesso and paints, I painted the background the same way to reflect a different time of day. Once the background was dried I proceeded to lay out some threads that I have been collecting for the past year.

Ya'll know how you have a ton of strings hanging off the fabric you just bought and washed? Well I have an old lunch pail on a shelf just above my washing machine and every time I wash fabric I cut off the hanging strings and save them. The lunch pail is full with every color range you can think of! I knew that someday I would use them - here it is - my first attempt.

I spread the strings out to form a tree and branches. then I printed on a piece of silk the words "Friendship is a sheltering tree" and tacked it down on the side of the tree. At first I printed it out using my printer but it just looked to uniform and I wanted it to look more natural. Once that was in place I laid a piece of tulle over the whole project and used some bronze silky thread to outline the tree and the branches and also filled the trunk in a bit. The tulle gives the picture a soft foggy look rather than the bright look of page 1.

Well girls, this time next week I will be sitting on the dock sunning and crazy quilting or trying to catch a grand daddy fish in my kayak. I love going up to the lake and am sure I will get some more inspiration from the beauty of the mountains, lakes and loons. Happy End of the summer girls!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Blue Day

Hey ladies.... hope ya'll had a great weekend and some fun in the sun. I had a lazy day today just playing with some canvas, gesso, acrylics and dyes and a few ferns that I picked from my "Valley of Ferns.... Denise... remember the big valley of ferns in my front yard? Well since I am working on your journal now I thought I would try and bring something of nature from my yard to your pages.

I bought a bolt (10 yards) of this weird stuff that I thought was muslin. I got it home but found that it is really stiff and a lot thicker than I thought - I had bought it thinking I'd never run out of backing for CQ foundations but I can't use it for that. Anyway, didn't want to feel like I just blew $18 on something I wouldn't use so I decided to experiment.

First I painted all the cut up pieces of canvas with the gesso... blending in a little bit of deep turquoise dye as I went along. Let it dry then picked some ferns... painted them and added a touch of gold glitter to the mixture of paint and then gently patted the leaves to leave an imprint on top of the gesso.... let dry and then ironed. I love each one of them and can't wait to start working on them with some threads and other goodies..... It was so much fun experimenting.. even used a piece of butterfly lace for an imprint.

See the pieces that look sorta white? Well they actually look just like the sky -

Friday, June 25, 2010

nickis book

Done & mailed on Wednesday:) This was another fun one to do, The 1st page is just a simple zipper pocket done with some polka dot fabric I've been saving for just the right use. The 2nd page is CQ because Nicki is CQ crazy;) I used 2 "new to me" techniques/products - gel medium on the piece of paper on page 2 to give it some strength. And, the transfer artist paper for my photo transfer.

This stuff is amazing, photos can be transferred to any surface with this. it's an iron on paper, but not limited to fabric (although I did use fabric for Nicki's page). You could put a photo on a hunk of wood, a tile, tin, paper, heck even your walls if you were so inclined. Here's a link to Lesley Riley's website (she created this stuff)

Gel medium is also a wonder product - with this stuff you can also transfer images. This would have worked really well with my photo transfer to polymer clay. With this you use an inkjet transparency film with your image printed on it - paint gel medium on the surface of the thing you want to transfer to, let dry, place transparency on gel and rub - the image will adhere (this is not washable though

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Denise's FABULOUS book is here!

Ok... I'm going to try posting this for the tenth time in the last few days... hopefully this time it takes. I seem to be having problems posting on a few blogs as well as leaving comments lately.

Denise, I received you INCREDIBLE, FABULOUS, INSANELY GORGEOUS book a few days ago from Kathi. She did a beautiful job on her entry - boy, I've got some heavy duty thinking on my part to come close to adding something as special to your journal. I love how you put your book together - a beautiful job all around.
This is my front page for Jody's Journal. Jody's Journal is to reflect "Inspiration" I choose to use the word "COLOR" as my inspiration. I used dyes on 100% pure silk along with gold resist. I doodled free hand with the gold resist and then let a plethora of colored dyes flow. As you can see I actually used yellow! Not one of my favorite colors but I figured if I was going to try something new I'd try incorporate a different color for me. You can't see to well but it is somehwat quilted & beaded along with a few silver metal tags sewn in.... Dream, Love, Journey & Faith... Ohh... and AFF!

Here is the back side.... this piece I didn't use any resist and just let the colors blend together and then outlined the various colors with tiny stitches. The pocket was made using another piece of gold resist playings.... just big enough to stuff with one of Jody's tags and the name of my inpsiration person. I will be putting Jody's book in the mail to Axel tomorrow.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

working on Kathi's book

Hi friends! I know you have all been busy with life and creating...just how it goes! Anyway, looks like a couple of you are about ready to mail again...impressive! made me smile when you tried this new technique and weren't just totally pleased with the made me hope that you were enjoying the process...something new...learning how to conquer it! I have to be honest, I bought someof that Solvy stuff myself last year in Des Moines at the quilt show and really want to try it but haven't yet! You are kind of inspiring me to get it out! I will hope to learn from your example on how to do it!

I have started working on my pages for Kathi's book...kind of picked colors that are not my norm...we will see!

Happy stitching AFFs!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Comment issue?

I have tried repeatedly for days to post comments.
Nothing goes.
Maybe someone who is savvy can check it out?

Denise, inquiring minds want to know what that artist transfer paper is??

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

nearing completion

I thought I would have finished Nicki's pages a few weeks ago, but now I can say I am almost done. I changed my mind a few times & am happy with the results so far. I'm waiting on an order of transfer artist paper to complete it. Have you guys seen this stuff? it is so cool - you can transfer a photo or any print to any surface - this would have been ideal for my transfer to polymer clay. While at Market last month we saw a lot of fun new techniques & I'm dying to try some of them out!
Anywho, I should be mailing on Friday if all goes well:)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tried something new

After much obsessing I finally started working on my pages for Colleen's book. "Who am I?" much harder question than I thought it would be. Reading through fabric art collage by Rebekah Meier and a trip to JoAnn's I tried making a background of pieces. Cut up a bunch of pieces of fabric and sprinkled them on a piece of Solvy, than put another piece of Solvy on top of it to make a sandwich. Then stitched all over it to hold the bits of fabric together. When I thought all the pieces were attached rinsed the solvy away. Results:

Learned that I need to get a "walking foot" for my sewing machine and should have put more pieces in the sandwich, things shifted and fell out before I could get everything stitched. I will try this again, because it was fun and makes an interesting element.

Hope to make more progress on my pages this week. Kathi, I know you are ready for Colleen's book.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nest/Nurture....Denise's Pages

Loved working with this nature theme and at the same time say something about our lives. We are all mothers. We make the "nest" that sustains our offspring. Once we are maternal, we are always mothering. Nurturing.

I need to choose my piece of nature in my little world (for her pocket) and pack it all up and ship to Nicki!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where did April Go?

Dear AFFs,

WOW where did April go and May seems to be slipping by just as quickly. Hoping to work on my pages for Colleen's book this weekend. I know we don't have set deadlines for this creative project. But based on other things I have going on and not much of it "creative", is early June an ok deadline for me to have my pages finished to send on to Kathi?  Setting deadline mostly to keep myself focused.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My page for Nicki's book: what is in a name?

Well AFFs, I am finally off the tardy list! YEA! Finished my page for Nicki's book today. It was quite a self reflection. Nice to finally do something like this.

I am loving our projects. Makes me feel like I am actually creating something just to create. Thank you all for the commitment.

Kathi, I am getting your journal out tonight...can hardly wait to start on it!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Start to my pages for Denise

A peek at the start to one of my pages in your book Denise. I am liking where this is going. NEST is my nature choice and the many meanings of nature of course, making it perfect for your book. It also hits a chord for all of us since we have built a "nest" for our underlings! We nurture by nature.
I have my loose plan (and by that I mean it could totally change if I think of something cooler!) for the facing page. I do like how Denise has thought out that part of her book.....each of us have pages that, when the book is open, each of them face each other. Nice.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hi girls!! WELL!!! You have all worked hard and done yourselves proud!!!! I have to say...I am a little behind the times yet...working along...will be ready to mail Nicki, I have had several different names in my life so her book has been a very appropriate theme for me!

In looking at all of your wonderful work, I am so in awe of your truly great creative talent. Thank you all for have been such inspirations to me...

Thanks for hanging in there with me on my slowness...just got caught at a busy worries...axel

Friday, April 9, 2010

Nicki's Journal Page for Kathi

Yea! I finally got in here! I've been having problems trying to post to the comments and also make a new post for the past week... guess the sun came out in more ways than one as I'm finally here.
First, let me say that I love all the creativity going on here -it is just way too cool !! Lots of "ourselves" being displayed on these beautiful pages.

Kathi, here are a couple peeks for you on your pages that I made... they are one the way to Axel for the next round.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Spring!!

No photos to post, just testing the blog. I think "blogger" ate someone's post.

Exciting to be finishing the first round of the AFFRR, looking forward to the next round. Looked at the photo of  Colleen's cover to start thinking about pages.

Happy Spring - Happy Easter to all of you and your families. Enjoy the nice weather!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Denise's Pages

Page 1 on Denise's page

Page 2 on Denise's page

Pages side by side

Denise, your pages were a lot of fun to create. Used many items from my stash and tried a few new techniques. On to Kathi.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jody's page

Just a few little details to do, then off to Nicki! I loved doing all the hand stitiching on this. The back side of my page I have utililized 2 of the fabric papers I made a couple of weeks ago. FUN!

Pieces for Denise's Pages

Pieces for Denise's pages. My idea is coming together, need a little drying time, then back to assembly.

Denise I am getting into your "Nature" theme.  I am having a lot of fun with some new techniques/mediums. My new favorite book is: fabric art collage: 40+ Mixed Media Techniques by Rebekah Meier. I purchased it from Joann's with a 40% off coupon.  Loving it....I already OWN most of the materials to do these 40+ techniques. Discovering rubber stamps I forgot I owned!!!

I'll be ready for the March 30 ship date.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hello AFF's!!

I just wanted to pop in and say hello & let you all know I have been thinking of you all:) I have started on my part of Axel's book & I do believe it will be looking quite nice come the end of the month...fingers crossed that life stays on track & doesn't disrupt my intentions, lol

I'll be meeting up with Joy, Shawn & Lin a week from Saturday in beautiful Cancun - I am too excited for words - wish it was a mini retreat with all my AFF friends as well

Hope you are all doing well too!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Jody's Book

I started my work on Jody's book page! Encouraged to try something new I got out my Beryl Talylor book, Mixed Media Explorations and spent a few hours last night prepping my silk background with hand stitching.

Jody's book is pretty complex. I am posting a pic of the tags she made that are tucked into their own little folder between 2 layers. Wait til you all see it.

The fabric paper she made for her covers as really cool.

Truly a work of art and Clothe Paper Scissors worthy.

Great book Jody!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

We ROCK!!!!!

Yes we do! Looks like we've all got a journals to work on and WOW is all I can say. What a variety! So many ideas and so many techniques to try. I sit back and look at the pictures to each one of our journals and all that comes to mind is.... if I didn't know which journals belonged to each one of you I could have guessed because they are all so YOU! Love them!

Monday, February 1, 2010

WE made it!!! Literally!! lol

Hey girls....YIPPEEE!!! We made it! Your books covers all look soooo intriging and inviting. Now the pressure is off and the fun continues!

They all look sooo wonderful! Happy creating!


front cover

back cover

inside back

1st page

inside front

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yea! My Journal is done!!


Have I told you all how much fun I had making this journal? Of all the projects I have made over the past couple of years I have to tell you I am enjoying this one the most. I put the finishing touches on my book this morning and will be mailing it to Axel first thing in the morning. Kathi - I can't wait to play with yours!!!


Oh... I am going to wait until my journal comes home to insert the grommets on the left hand side so be sure to leave a naked inch on the side.