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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kathi's Pages for Colleen's Book

truly done, after a few false finishes! i loved working on these and have all sorts of bits on them. I will be mailing to Nicki this week.


Colleen Anderson said...

Kathi...I LOVE YOUR PAGES!!! OMG! I will sooo love having this book...every page will look like each of you. Thank you so much for playing with me!!! My AFFs!


Nicki Lee said...

Ohhh I got the book! HOT HOT HOT! Kathi you did a fabulous job on your pages - I'd love to get inside your brain for a day! Colleen -you are going to love it!

I've got some ideas but think I'll let the book simmer for a bit before I start playing with my pages.