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Monday, June 14, 2010

Tried something new

After much obsessing I finally started working on my pages for Colleen's book. "Who am I?" much harder question than I thought it would be. Reading through fabric art collage by Rebekah Meier and a trip to JoAnn's I tried making a background of pieces. Cut up a bunch of pieces of fabric and sprinkled them on a piece of Solvy, than put another piece of Solvy on top of it to make a sandwich. Then stitched all over it to hold the bits of fabric together. When I thought all the pieces were attached rinsed the solvy away. Results:

Learned that I need to get a "walking foot" for my sewing machine and should have put more pieces in the sandwich, things shifted and fell out before I could get everything stitched. I will try this again, because it was fun and makes an interesting element.

Hope to make more progress on my pages this week. Kathi, I know you are ready for Colleen's book.

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JodyC said...

Correction, I need a "Darning foot" Thank you Kathi. Got a Hancock Fabric coupon in the mail yesterday. I know where I'm going this weekend!!