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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Denise's FABULOUS book is here!

Ok... I'm going to try posting this for the tenth time in the last few days... hopefully this time it takes. I seem to be having problems posting on a few blogs as well as leaving comments lately.

Denise, I received you INCREDIBLE, FABULOUS, INSANELY GORGEOUS book a few days ago from Kathi. She did a beautiful job on her entry - boy, I've got some heavy duty thinking on my part to come close to adding something as special to your journal. I love how you put your book together - a beautiful job all around.
This is my front page for Jody's Journal. Jody's Journal is to reflect "Inspiration" I choose to use the word "COLOR" as my inspiration. I used dyes on 100% pure silk along with gold resist. I doodled free hand with the gold resist and then let a plethora of colored dyes flow. As you can see I actually used yellow! Not one of my favorite colors but I figured if I was going to try something new I'd try incorporate a different color for me. You can't see to well but it is somehwat quilted & beaded along with a few silver metal tags sewn in.... Dream, Love, Journey & Faith... Ohh... and AFF!

Here is the back side.... this piece I didn't use any resist and just let the colors blend together and then outlined the various colors with tiny stitches. The pocket was made using another piece of gold resist playings.... just big enough to stuff with one of Jody's tags and the name of my inpsiration person. I will be putting Jody's book in the mail to Axel tomorrow.


JodyC said...

Nicki, Thank you wow, beautiful pages. Love the colors, what did you use as "resist"? Where to you get Gold resist?

These books are all so awesome, need to plan on bringing them to NC COF 2011 so we can see all of them in person.

Thanks again for the beautiful photos.

(Tech note: Blogger has been having issues with posts/comments. I did send a message to their "help" forum. Didn't receive much help but they did confirm that there has been a problem and they are trying to fix it.)

alexemmarose said...

WOW!!! Great theme and great interpretation!!! Love all of the color, Nick!

Denise said...

Beautiful pages Nicki! I love the color splashes! I'm interested in this gold resist too - tell more please!!

Jody, great idea to bring all the books in NC!!