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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yea! My Journal is done!!


Have I told you all how much fun I had making this journal? Of all the projects I have made over the past couple of years I have to tell you I am enjoying this one the most. I put the finishing touches on my book this morning and will be mailing it to Axel first thing in the morning. Kathi - I can't wait to play with yours!!!


Oh... I am going to wait until my journal comes home to insert the grommets on the left hand side so be sure to leave a naked inch on the side.

Cover finished

My AFF RR cover is finished and ready to ship off to Kathi in the a.m. I had a very nice weekend working on this project. Looking forward to seeing everyone's book in person.

Front Cover
Inside Page
Back Cover

Finishing touches added...

I spent this afternoon adding a few more bits to my cover. I really love it. I will mail it to Nicki tomorrow. Can't wait to get my first one to work on!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My book

Here is my cover & back....

Friday, January 29, 2010

The blog looks great!

Looking good Jody! Thanks for all you do! I'm with Axel though, I have no clue or desire to know such stuff about blogging - I can post & read - all is well in my world:)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Its all Greek to me...

Hi AFFs...It truly is all Greek to me and I am lucky to just get anything posted, much less all of that interesting stuff you are talking about! Help...Jody!!!!!

Just wondering

Hey girls, I've been owondering why we do not have the option of having a "Layout" feature on the right hand column of our blog - you know where we can see and add favorites, gadgets etc etc and move the Archive up from the bottom.

Also, when uploading a picture here or to my own blog, can anyone tell me why all of a sudden I no longer see the picture prior to publishing but just all the "verbage"? and while I'm at it... I can't seem to add a link.... something just isn't right and I've done nothing different. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Project update 1/25....

I really got into my book yesterday - I have both covers complete - other than the grommet part. I have also decided to to do the inside of each cover & am working on those. My theme changed a little while working on them - I have changed from seasons/life changes to just nature which I think will be easier to work with for all. I am bummed that I have work & school today because I really, really want to be working on finishing up - life always seems to get in the way:(

Sunday, January 24, 2010

my art book covers...still a bit to do on them...

Hello my AFFs! Hope you all had a good weekend...they do seem to fuel me when I have enough "home" time to just stitch and whatever! covers...still a bit to do on them. As I posted earlier...these have been a joy to work on...kind of let loose and just did what seemed right. The binding on my book pages is the lacing from a vintage corset that was left over at an auction...couldn't see letting it go to the garbage so grabbed it with no purpose in mind...and lo and behold...the lacings for my book pages!!! Yea!
The top pix is my back cover..."The True Me" and the other one the front..."My Alter Self". I thought the two would be significantly different but when I got a bit into them, the creative edges between the two blurred a my surprise and joy!!!

Anyway ladies, thanks for the fun.


Saturday, January 23, 2010


Oh by the way, Kathi, I see that I didn't comment on your covers and I TOTALLY HAD PLANNED TO! Guess I am a bit tired from babysitting! SORRY!!!! You KNOW I love you and your art! Anyway, your covers are so very, very interesting! I LOVE your color choices and the wonderful pix of you as a little girl! Ohhh! Thank you so much, my AFFs. I am loving this project with you all!


Loving your creativeness!

Hi AFFs!!! So excited to hear from all of you and to be playing with you! I know it is a bit stressful right now trying to get this ready for February 1 along with all of our other projects, work, school, etc. etc.! But you KNOW how we are...we NEED deadlines! So...looks like we are all moving along with our book covers! Jody...what an interesting looking piece that is!

I have been working on mine as well and will be ready (and I think actually completed) for pix tomorrow.

Happy creating!


Working on my cover

(started writing this several days ago) I am creating the base for my cover. I have the fabric paper base created, boiling silk cocoons hoping to add some color/texture. After this base drys I'll start my collage.

I have been typing notes and collecting "bits" to put on my cover.

(Today, Sat. Jan. 23) My base is ready I'm going to trim to size and get to it! I have an idea for the binding just hoping that it works. I think I'll practice with card stock.

Hope everyone is enjoying this process. I went through my books and found a few I forgot that I had. I have more Altered Art books than I do Crazy Quilting books!!!

Here is a photo of my base, back to creating.

Monday, January 18, 2010

My update

First of all I'd like to say your Journal cover & back are both beautiful! I like the colors and the whole idea. It's funny though, after paging through piles of mags I came to the decision to construct my book very similar to yours Kathi:) I too am using canvas & grommets. I have a good start on mine & hope to have it done by the end of this weekend.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Cover & Back done!!!

I worked for HOURS today on these pages and what a BLAST I had! I knew I was goint to love this project and I do. Pics not great, sorry, sun was down and I just snapped cuz I was so excited about showing you all.

The top one is the cover and obviously the second one is the back.
I started out with canvas, painted it with acrylics then got out some home dec sampler's I was given and found great pieces to stitch to it.
The wide tabs on the left side will be where I put grommets in each page at the end to chain them together.
It is the paper edged side (for stiffness) of the sampler page.
I will include some of these strips in the box so you can pick one and sew it to your pages.
I had photocopied a pic of me when I was about 4 a while ago so when I spied it, I thought it would be cool somehow.
The saying is 2 layered vellum pieces from my daughter's scrapbooking stuff. I
I am so so so so happy with it!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's in a name?

I too am finding that this whole journal experience is shedding light on who I am as a person. It is bringing to the surface things that I had been pushing way to the back of my mind.... like how many names I have gone by in my life... WEW! My husband says it would be easier to just write "Here lays a Crazy Lady" on my headstone when I die than to try and list all my names LOL!

While pulling some things together to work on my front cover, I ended up with a birth certificate reading one name, social security cards reading a couple different names and a marriage certificate that FINALLY reads my full legal name - WEW! Ya'll will see what I'm talking about when you see my Journal. It's like "will the real Nicki Lee please stand up" Funny thing is... no matter what the name, I'm still the same person with the same drive to always be creating something...anything

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

an interesting thing is happening...

OMG! I am so surprised by an interesting thing that seems to be happening...I finally began work on my front cover, which I have chosen to be "My alter Ego", and as a I work, I am finding that I really don't have enough room and that a lot of my thoughts are crossing over to my back cover which is "My true self". So, in this creative process I guess I am finding that maybe who I want to be and who I think I am might just be closer than I thought! What a wonderful revelation! Here I have been thinking that I really have a ways to go to discover myself but maybe I just need to let loose on the rules and walls a bit and I have always been right here! Kind of like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz...just needed to discover what she already had!

This art journal is truly a creative journey and I am sooo glad to be making it! And with such creative friends who I admire! Ladies, hope you are enjoying this project as much as I am. I must admit...was a bit nervous to begin (what else is new!) but now that I have...LOV'IN it!

Looking forward to your creative travel with this also.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ready to create!

Hi goils!!! Well, I am ready to's see how it goes! I know I still have to print off some pix to use and gather a few more items. Gee...I am kind of getting excited about this project now!