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Friday, April 9, 2010

Nicki's Journal Page for Kathi

Yea! I finally got in here! I've been having problems trying to post to the comments and also make a new post for the past week... guess the sun came out in more ways than one as I'm finally here.
First, let me say that I love all the creativity going on here -it is just way too cool !! Lots of "ourselves" being displayed on these beautiful pages.

Kathi, here are a couple peeks for you on your pages that I made... they are one the way to Axel for the next round.


Irish Kathi said...

Oooooo, looking good! I love the painting in the background too!

JodyC said...

Beautiful, love the "dream / face bead" motif, how did you create the background? Ok, love the lace and flowers too. It would be so cool to see each of these books in person when they are finished.

alexemmarose said...

OHHH! Kathi-your book just arrived from Nicki...your covers are WAY COOL! Love seeing them in person...they are very interesting...just like you! have done a GREAT job with your pages for Kathi's book...she will LOVE what you have done!

Denise said...

Nicki, it's really neat looking!

I have a feeing somehow we are all going to have to get together when the books are finshed so we can see,touch & feel each one!!