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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Blue Day

Hey ladies.... hope ya'll had a great weekend and some fun in the sun. I had a lazy day today just playing with some canvas, gesso, acrylics and dyes and a few ferns that I picked from my "Valley of Ferns.... Denise... remember the big valley of ferns in my front yard? Well since I am working on your journal now I thought I would try and bring something of nature from my yard to your pages.

I bought a bolt (10 yards) of this weird stuff that I thought was muslin. I got it home but found that it is really stiff and a lot thicker than I thought - I had bought it thinking I'd never run out of backing for CQ foundations but I can't use it for that. Anyway, didn't want to feel like I just blew $18 on something I wouldn't use so I decided to experiment.

First I painted all the cut up pieces of canvas with the gesso... blending in a little bit of deep turquoise dye as I went along. Let it dry then picked some ferns... painted them and added a touch of gold glitter to the mixture of paint and then gently patted the leaves to leave an imprint on top of the gesso.... let dry and then ironed. I love each one of them and can't wait to start working on them with some threads and other goodies..... It was so much fun experimenting.. even used a piece of butterfly lace for an imprint.

See the pieces that look sorta white? Well they actually look just like the sky -


JodyC said...

Very nice, great creative experiment. Awesome addition to Denise's book.

Denise said...

looks really cool nicki - it's so fun to try new stuff!
Joy was teasing me the other day about seeing pix of my pages before me, stinker!

Yes, I loved your ferns & even more the turkeys that were hanging out back:)