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Friday, June 25, 2010

nickis book

Done & mailed on Wednesday:) This was another fun one to do, The 1st page is just a simple zipper pocket done with some polka dot fabric I've been saving for just the right use. The 2nd page is CQ because Nicki is CQ crazy;) I used 2 "new to me" techniques/products - gel medium on the piece of paper on page 2 to give it some strength. And, the transfer artist paper for my photo transfer.

This stuff is amazing, photos can be transferred to any surface with this. it's an iron on paper, but not limited to fabric (although I did use fabric for Nicki's page). You could put a photo on a hunk of wood, a tile, tin, paper, heck even your walls if you were so inclined. Here's a link to Lesley Riley's website (she created this stuff)

Gel medium is also a wonder product - with this stuff you can also transfer images. This would have worked really well with my photo transfer to polymer clay. With this you use an inkjet transparency film with your image printed on it - paint gel medium on the surface of the thing you want to transfer to, let dry, place transparency on gel and rub - the image will adhere (this is not washable though


alexemmarose said...

Denise...LOVE your page! It looks extremely interesting and creative...just like you! Can hardly wait to see it in person!


JodyC said...

Received Nicki's book yesterday, it is beautiful. Colleen and Denise's pages are a great additions to Nicki's beautiful book and interesting theme. It is so cool to see and touch these books/pages are they progress. Seeing new things every time I look at them.

I need to get busy...with Sarah home for the summer, I had to clear my stuff out of her room and my new space isn't finished yet. I have set my things up in what should be the "sitting room" of our master bedroom!!! (Thought that would get this remodel moving along, DH has to walk around, look at, and listen to me sew etc. while he is trying to sleep. It is sort of working, I am actually seeing an end in sight of this CRAZY two year remodel.)

It is space but requires cleanup after everything I do, no leaving something out while I do something else.