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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wellllll...are we going to make it in time for the retreat?

Hello AFFs!!  Well, are we going to make it in time for the retreat?  Here is the deal, I say that we give it the ole' college try but in keeping with our "stress-free" attitude in our great creative association, if it is just not going to happen and we are worrying toooo much, just bring what you have finished and we will still have a grand reveal with whatever we have.  Then you can go home, finish up whatever needs finishing, post pix here and mail it off to mama (owner of the book).   I know these are busy times for all of us.  Just give it a try.

Then, when we are all finished we can decide if there is to be round two...Jody had made the suggestion that we do altered books.  After the retreat we can revisit and discuss.  I, for one, love our creative group and the freedom it has allowed and would love it if we just continue on in the same manner until our hands and eyes give out.  Just think of the creative times we have ahead! 

Also, if along the way we think we want to add another AFF to the group I think it might be allowed but we just don't want the group to get too large or to be any problem for any of us to stress.  Just thoughts here.  We will discuss more after the retreat.

Can hardly wait, my AFFs!!!!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nicki's pages on their way to Kathi

Nicki, your book is just beautiful. Great fun creating pages for it: a little paint, some paper clay, bead soup, and of course a little bit of lace!!!

Here are pics - Front page

Back page