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Friday, November 16, 2012

Where does the time go???

Hello my dear AFFs!!  I just today (November 16) saw Denise's post from September!  The TWO art books that have made their way to my house are sitting front and center on my work table and have been since I received them!  I am so deliquent and feel much guilt over them but I seem to do other "have tos" before I get to these wonderful books.  I am feeling that the time is near for me to finally work on them.  I can hardly wait.  They are such beautiful pieces as they are and I am anxious to add to them.  I think part of my deliquency has been fear of messing them up.  I hope that once I begin with them the fear will depart and the creative process will take over.  So, Kathi and Jody, I still have your books and will keep you posted on their progress. 

Hope life is treating you all well...I do keep up occasionally on your blogs and such. 

Happy creating!  axel