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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello my AFF friends!

Hello AFFs!!! Just dropping in to say hello. I know it has been a busy few months for all of us.

Just to recap where we are on our art journals:

I have in my possession Jody's journal and Denise's journal. I am almost finished with Jody's and will soon be mailing it to Denise. I will then work on Denise's and bring it to the retreat in April.

Where are the remaining journals?

It certainly will be a fun unveiling when we get together at the retreat! Fun, fun!

This has been a lovely journey in creativity and I have enjoyed playing with all of you. Should anyone decide on another AFF project, just jump on in and let us all know about it!



JodyC said...

Colleen, thanks for posting. WOW it has been a busy few months. Emily & Justin's wedding was beautiful and yesterday's brunch a big hit. Jim asked what we had on today's agenda when I said nothing he is wondering what we are going to do with all of our "Free" time now that the house is finished and the wedding weekend is over.

I know what I will be doing :-) I have a little bit to do on Colleen's pages and will send them to who ever has her book. Then on to Nicki's pages, that leaves Kathi's book to be the last one for me to work on which I'll bring to NC in April.

WOW NC in April sounds like a long time off, but it will be here before we know it.

These books are so much fun, could we decide in NC on the next AFF project. This would give everyone plenty of time to finish the current AFF, other WIP, and COF projects with free time for another AFF after COF. I remember from the NC COF preping to attend the conference took some time ie: challenge fabric, t-shirt etc.

I would like to do an Altered Book RR: as in taking an old printed/bound book - alter the cover and then send it around for others to create on the inside pages. just a thought.

alexemmarose said...

Jody, I think this sounds like a great idea...altered book RR...and starting AFTER the retreat is a great idea, too!

I know Kathi has a graduation coming up and a wedding in the fall but I hope she will find the time to play, too...

This AFF group has been such a fun journey...I like that the projects aren't too big...and enough time to enjoy the process without much stress.

I am game to play with the next "altered book".

Kathi said...

I have been working on Colleens pages over the last few weeks and am loving the process. I am half finished and then will mail to Nicki.
I do have Michaels graduation in May, Melissa's wedding in Ocotber and much to make for that.
I could be coerced into the next RR altering a book however! I started one at a 2 hour workshop a few years ago. I would even use that as I love it still

I will post pics as soon as they are done Colleen!