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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Colleen's pages by Charlyn

Since Colleen's was a fairy tale book and she kind of followed that theme with her own projects I decided to do the same. After reading the stories (which I don't recommend, btw) I chose the one picture in the book with a horse on it and decided to pretty much ignore the story and just illustrate the good part of the fairy tale: where the handsome prince rescues the fair maiden from a life of drudgery and carries her off to the castle to live happily ever after. This is the little cabin in the woods where she toiled her days away...

This is the cold forbidding castle he was taking her to (but of course their love will fill it with laughter and joy(hehe))

"oh my love, I've waited for you for a life time! please take care of me and never let my dainty slipper touch the ground again" (simper, simper, coo, coo)

The whole shebang... hope you like it, Colleen!

Such Good Friends....Nicki's pages

My two page spread. Worked my style into the lace book! Nicki mentioned the beach in her book, so I had my daughter find me a vintage themed beachy greeting card. I love it! Very apropos for our RR. "such good friends" cut from an old book, that, when I actually read some of it, was a 60's sexually charged oration! Regardless, we are as cool as they are prancing the boardwalk in those suits and heels!

The backgrounds are painted with oil paints. Took a  long time to dry I learned! I incorporated lace Nicki hand dyed, vintage lace and a sheer fabric. An old game card from a relic dating game made reference to a beach question, so I sewed it to a bit of scrapbook paper and glued in place.
My first page was opposite Nicki's beautiful page so I tried to keep it in the same tone. The lace trim was layered to make the wavy, cloudy affect. I used two lace/sequined butterflies, a magazine cutout butterfly and a rhinestone butterfly off a Sally Ann's castoff sandal.

I may add a little stamped verbiage. Not sure yet. I had a blast working on these pages and trying to figure out how to do lace my way!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sneak Peeks

Photos of Kathi's pages, updated with finished pages.

Page 1 - Keeping with Kathi's theme of using an old pattern for the background I did the same on this page, then glazed over it and added some paper and bits. The masthead from "The Saturday Evening Post" is from the month and year Kathi was born, I altered the date to the 18th. Great find at the resale shop in Wisconsin.

Page 2 - Painted and glazed this page with red and yellow. Made pockets by folding the pages and attached them with brads, added a little paper for accent. Found the old pin at the resale shop in Wisconsin, cut a little bit of a nitch and glued the pin into it. Used the "ruler" from the package that the old pattern was in. 

I love tags, made three tags for the pockets.

Page 2 with tags - Detail of the tags - just fun!!!! One tag has dictionary definition of "Vintage", one is a picture of birds, and one is a collage of paper, brad, and ink.

Thanks again to all of you for playing altered books with me.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I mailed...

Nickilee, be on the lookout, I put Colleen's book in the mail today. Are we supposed to show any peeks or anything? I'll give you a hint, Axel: I used some of your book pages and some of my paper and Sharpies and watercolors and glue and fabric and floss and scissors and tweezers and glitter and ......I think that's about all. Hope you like it!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

2nd Round for our Altered Books

Where did this fall go? Ok where did the summer go? First round is complete everyone received an altered book. I have Kathi's I've been looking at it for almost two months now. It is talking to me, I have collected "bits" to put in it and my idea is clear, now to find the courage to start painting/glueing in someone else's book.

I didn't think it would be this hard to do. Our first books were scarey but easier because the pages weren't bound I could start over if I made a mistake. Altering in a bound book doesn't feel very "forgiving" if I make a mistake. I know no mistakes they are "Creative Challenges".

This weekend is it I am going to start painting and glueing to pages in Kathi's book.


To keep this round moving, holiday's are approaching fast, how about a deadline goal of Nov. 14 to ship the books we each have right now? That way books will arrive before the really crazy holiday mailing/shipping begins. Everyone can have another book to start on if they have a break during the holidays/football season.

Let me know if a Nov. 14th goal ship deadline works.

Since I have not made progress on an altered book here is a photo of our 5-month-old puppy Lisel.

Happy Creating

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

looking for ideas from the pros....

My daughter is getting married next spring & I am trying to find a classy/elegant table decoration idea that is not going to bankrupt me - I figured i should ask those of you who are pros & have done this before:)

Thanks for your thoughts on this!!

And side note here - sorry nothing new on the altered book front - I always have such good intentions...soon I hope!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Altered Book is now in Kathi's hands

Hey girls, I'm  finally am up and running with my new computer (lots to figure out - yikes!) so thought I would post some pictures of my Altered Book.  I sent it out a week or so ago to Kathi so it is now in her Artistic hands.  I had so much fun making this.... can you guess the name of my book?  How about "For the Love of Lace"  Each page was created using some of my dyed laces.... I know I probably went a little overboard in embellishing all the pages but once I got started I couldn't stop.

Charlyn, I am now working on yours and having a ball!  Love it!

Front Cover

Inside Front Cover

Back of Page #1

Inside Back Cover

Back Page of Book