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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Working on my cover

(started writing this several days ago) I am creating the base for my cover. I have the fabric paper base created, boiling silk cocoons hoping to add some color/texture. After this base drys I'll start my collage.

I have been typing notes and collecting "bits" to put on my cover.

(Today, Sat. Jan. 23) My base is ready I'm going to trim to size and get to it! I have an idea for the binding just hoping that it works. I think I'll practice with card stock.

Hope everyone is enjoying this process. I went through my books and found a few I forgot that I had. I have more Altered Art books than I do Crazy Quilting books!!!

Here is a photo of my base, back to creating.


Denise said...

Jody, I love your work in process! I'm intrigued by the whole boiling cocoons idea - Do you have a recipe? I can't wait to see the end results:)

Irish Kathi said...

I love your fabric paper! I have wanted to try that you provide the opportunity when I get your book.
Silk cocoons...great idea. I have seen them at Fiber festivals but never knew how to use them.