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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

an interesting thing is happening...

OMG! I am so surprised by an interesting thing that seems to be happening...I finally began work on my front cover, which I have chosen to be "My alter Ego", and as a I work, I am finding that I really don't have enough room and that a lot of my thoughts are crossing over to my back cover which is "My true self". So, in this creative process I guess I am finding that maybe who I want to be and who I think I am might just be closer than I thought! What a wonderful revelation! Here I have been thinking that I really have a ways to go to discover myself but maybe I just need to let loose on the rules and walls a bit and I have always been right here! Kind of like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz...just needed to discover what she already had!

This art journal is truly a creative journey and I am sooo glad to be making it! And with such creative friends who I admire! Ladies, hope you are enjoying this project as much as I am. I must admit...was a bit nervous to begin (what else is new!) but now that I have...LOV'IN it!

Looking forward to your creative travel with this also.

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Denise said...

Welcome home Dorothy! :)