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Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Cover & Back done!!!

I worked for HOURS today on these pages and what a BLAST I had! I knew I was goint to love this project and I do. Pics not great, sorry, sun was down and I just snapped cuz I was so excited about showing you all.

The top one is the cover and obviously the second one is the back.
I started out with canvas, painted it with acrylics then got out some home dec sampler's I was given and found great pieces to stitch to it.
The wide tabs on the left side will be where I put grommets in each page at the end to chain them together.
It is the paper edged side (for stiffness) of the sampler page.
I will include some of these strips in the box so you can pick one and sew it to your pages.
I had photocopied a pic of me when I was about 4 a while ago so when I spied it, I thought it would be cool somehow.
The saying is 2 layered vellum pieces from my daughter's scrapbooking stuff. I
I am so so so so happy with it!

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JodyC said...


Love your book cover, beautiful colors. Looking forward to seeing everyone's books in person.

I created my base paper fabric yesterday. It is dry and ready for me to work on it this weekend. Still looking at binding techniques. I am 99% sure I'm use Lutradur for my pages.