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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's in a name?

I too am finding that this whole journal experience is shedding light on who I am as a person. It is bringing to the surface things that I had been pushing way to the back of my mind.... like how many names I have gone by in my life... WEW! My husband says it would be easier to just write "Here lays a Crazy Lady" on my headstone when I die than to try and list all my names LOL!

While pulling some things together to work on my front cover, I ended up with a birth certificate reading one name, social security cards reading a couple different names and a marriage certificate that FINALLY reads my full legal name - WEW! Ya'll will see what I'm talking about when you see my Journal. It's like "will the real Nicki Lee please stand up" Funny thing is... no matter what the name, I'm still the same person with the same drive to always be creating something...anything


Denise said...

Nicki, did you save any old drivers licenses? those fun pictures may tell a whole other story on who you are:)

Nicki Lee said...

Denise - Great idea! I have every single one of them! NOw to go dig them out.