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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cover finished

My AFF RR cover is finished and ready to ship off to Kathi in the a.m. I had a very nice weekend working on this project. Looking forward to seeing everyone's book in person.

Front Cover
Inside Page
Back Cover


Nicki Lee said...

WOW Jody! That is so cool! You made it just like a book. I love the little photo album you made me - did you make this the same way? Already have quite a few pictures filling it up. Thank you again.

Oh...thanks for your help the other night - I'm still having problems when I post pictures and try to link anything - even when I do everthing exactly as it was written. SOmething has definitely changed.

Denise said...

Jody your book is awesome - i love the fun festive look of it & can't wait to "feel" it the paper look so neat!