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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Altered Books Getting Started

I have my book and started cutting out pages making space for altering and I think I have a theme. After reading the articles about preparing a book for altering and planning a layout I think I have a plan. Hope to spend some time this weekend going through paper and "stuff" I already own to see what might work for my book/cover. Can't wait to get "messy".

Is anyone having trouble finding a book to alter? I have a couple extra hardbound, sewn books if anyone needs one. I had a few "printer" samples at work, my boss was bugging me about cleaning things out at the office so I took them home, thinking they might come in handy. The subject matter of the books is boring, but they are sturdy and will hold up to some altering. Let me know if you need a book.

Happy Creating!


Kathi said...

I haven't had time to look at the sites you so meticulously found and posted for us. Is a sewn book better than glued for a reason? I will have to check the book I was going to use.

JodyC said...

A sewn bound book will hold up better when altered. Glue bound book pages may fall out of the book as it is altered with the weight of embellishments and opening/flattening the pages out as they are worked on.