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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm in!

Good morning! Just wanted to drop in and see if I could post. How is everyone? I need to get over to the thrift store and see if I can find a decent book. Thought I had a good one but it has a glued spine :( I may still rip out the pages and use them because the chapters had interesting titles like: "first ride" "don't 'try'" "a portion of genius". Thought it might be interesting to let you intepret whichever chapters appealed to you. Hope I'm not giving away too much info?
Yesterday I spent 6 hours at the pool climbing in & out of the pool re-newing my Lifeguard certification. Needless to say I'm a crispy critter inspite of sun screen . I don't generally feel much different than when I was a teen UNTIL I spend 6 hours listening to the inane chatter and giggling of teen/early 20s girls posturing for guys in swimsuits. THEN I feel much wiser and more mature, lol.
I hope ya'll have a wonderful day, I'll be thinking about you!

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JodyC said...

Charlyn, thanks for posting, happy to see the invite worked.