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Friday, June 3, 2011

Hi AFF's

I have a few books that I've been looking at & trying to decide on my theme - I have several ideas, just need to narrow it down:)

I had a thought about readying our books for the rounds - I was thinking that it might make sense to section off & paperclip together pages for each round (for each person) rather than gluing them. The reason being maybe someones design idea may require a different thickness of pages & if they come to us pre-glued it may limit the ideas?? Each person could prepare & glue their sections themselves. Anyway, just a thought - I am surely not an expert by any means on altered books, lol :)

I am so excited to get started on my book!

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JodyC said...

Denise, I was thinking the same thing. I cut out some pages to make space for altering, leaving "chunks" of pages. I have enough of these chunks so each person has space for at least 2 pages to alter with enough pages to make different thicknesses for their base.