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Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6 already!

Hi girls!  Hope you are having a good summer so far!  Busy, as usual!  It is 99 degrees in Nebraska today...not used to it!  Back in the 80s later this week-whew!

So...about altered books...I did a little u-tubing and found MANY videos to watch showing all the basics and many, many books.  I am sure you, Jody, have already seen all of these videos but they were new to me.  Quite the deal!  I must admit, I have always loved this kind of art and have even dabbled a bit with it when the stamping craze first started.  Then stamping became so organized and seemingly less original to me that I gave away all of my stamps and inks and accessories and didn't really have time for it then anyway.  So, fast forward a decade or two and here I am LOVING doing all of this cloth/paper/scissors kind of stuff and now wish I still had my stamps and etc!  You should never get rid of anything! 

Anyhoo, I am really excited to work on this project...very different from what we do with CQ and yet, such a compliment to what we do with CQ!  Can hardly wait! I found my book...PERFECT a garage sale this weekend and can hardly wait to get started.  I am a bit worried though because the book is a little is woven binding so I am thinking it will be fine, just have smaller "sections" than I was first thinking.

Anyway, Jody, thank you for taking this on to lead us through this next challenge.  What a treat this will be!


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