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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Such Good Friends....Nicki's pages

My two page spread. Worked my style into the lace book! Nicki mentioned the beach in her book, so I had my daughter find me a vintage themed beachy greeting card. I love it! Very apropos for our RR. "such good friends" cut from an old book, that, when I actually read some of it, was a 60's sexually charged oration! Regardless, we are as cool as they are prancing the boardwalk in those suits and heels!

The backgrounds are painted with oil paints. Took a  long time to dry I learned! I incorporated lace Nicki hand dyed, vintage lace and a sheer fabric. An old game card from a relic dating game made reference to a beach question, so I sewed it to a bit of scrapbook paper and glued in place.
My first page was opposite Nicki's beautiful page so I tried to keep it in the same tone. The lace trim was layered to make the wavy, cloudy affect. I used two lace/sequined butterflies, a magazine cutout butterfly and a rhinestone butterfly off a Sally Ann's castoff sandal.

I may add a little stamped verbiage. Not sure yet. I had a blast working on these pages and trying to figure out how to do lace my way!


Denise said...

lol love the bathing beauties Kathi! Your pages are great!!

JodyC said...

GREAT pages!!! I love them, can't wait to see them in person.

Nicki Lee said...

Omg! I have vision of flipping out all over again like we did in NC this past spring ..can't wait for the next big reveal- kathi I love love love what you've created!

Those bathing beauties are great too....don't you wish we could be that carefree again?

Char said...

I love the mood of your pages! You did a great job complimenting Nicki's existing page. haha with the oil paints! I can't stand the smell of them ever since I had an oil painting class while pregnant with Amelia! I was about ready to take an F just to get the heck outta there, lol.