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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Making Progress

Hope everyone have a wonderful 4th of July holiday. Mine was busy with family, my daughter Emily's birthday is on the 3rd so always a big weekend for us. She turned 26 this year....hard to believe.

I did have some time to mess around with my book, here is the rough layout of the cover. Need to add some color etc and nothing is glued down yet so it could still change.

I tried to send email a week ago, not sure it ever went through, got an odd message that it went to my "outbox" anyway. Hope everyone is having fun with this project, from the responses it sounded like we all needed a little more time to prep for mailing. I know Nicki is on vacation until the end of the month, but how does Mon., July 18 sound for a mailing date? If you can make that great if not just post  or email the group so we know when to be looking for the package.

Mailing rotation:
Jody sends to Denise
Denise sends to Colleen
Colleen sends to Charlyn
Charlyn sends to Nicki
Nicki sends to Kathi
Kathi sends to Jody

I did do some checking on the issue of not being able to leave comments. Seems to be an issue with, several people are complaining about it. I have not seen any resolve posted by blogger, I'll keep checking.


Kathi said...

Love your cover Jody! I have finished my covers, need to do a page inside yet.
I can do the 18th.
I will get a pic soon!

Denise said...

Jody, I love your book! I'm looking forward to being the 1st to see it in person & to work on it.

I've been busy reading all I can about altered books & I have some great ideas brewing:) Bring it on girls!

PS - happy belated birthday to your daughter!!

Char said...

Great cover! I love the little gears, where do you find them? I'm taking apart all the junk I can get my hands on but not having much luck with sizeable goodies.

JodyC said...

Thank you, having fun with this, I've glued things down and worked on my intro pages.

Charlyn, I bought the gears at "Archivers", a scrapbook store, using a coupon of course.