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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finally home!

Hey girls!

I'm finally home after a 3 week whirl wind - skipped DC and came home a bit early as my body wasn't haven't fun. FL with Shey and Dec was a blast - the warm sun did wonderful things!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU all for the beautiful, incredible work you did on my book - I will treasure it forever. So looking forward to our next creative adventure together!


Denise said...

Nicki, Hope you're rested up after your trip!

I too want to say thank you all for the awesome pages you all made for my book!! It's beautiful, I love it! I hope to get it all put together this week & will add pictures to the HGTV board when I do.

This project was good for me, I learned a lot & am looking forward to the altered book project!!

Kathi said...

I still have to "bind" my book. I have looked at them over and over and love everything you talented women have done.