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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kathi's book is on it's way....

I finished up my pages and sent it off to Axel this morning! I took pictures, but am having some issues uploading them - will work on it some more in the next few days.

It's so nice to get some crafting time in again!!

Hope you are all enjoying the summer so far!!



Colleen Anderson said...

OMG! What a fun surprise I found in my mailbox this morning! Kathi's book from Denise!! It is STUNNING! Kathi, you are going to LOVE this book! Denise, I must say, I don't know when you have found the time to work on it??!!!

We are having my mother's "Life Celebration" on the 23rd of June so we are frantically trying to get ready for that...7 of the 25 family members are staying with us (and we have a tiny house with one bathroom!) for four days and between lost cattle problems this spring, daughter's preterm labor problems this spring and WORK, my creative time has been severely limited but after the 25th...

Great job on the altered book, Denise. Kathi will be so pleased. Looking forward to spending a little fun creating with both of the books I have in my possession in July.

Happy summer... exhausted from your son's wedding? Getting your stitching projects lined up to work on while recovering from your foot surgery?


Denise said...

Glad it arrived safe & sound Axel!
Sounds like an over full house! I love the idea of a life celebration - a perfect way to remember all the wonder times.
IHope all is well with your daughter now & the missing cows??

Kathi, I didn't realize your son's wedding had come and gone - I know everything was perfect! congrats to the happy couple!

And foot surgery - oh my, I miss so much news when I have my nose in a book (and not a fun book, I might add) Good luck with the revcovery!

Surely makes me wonder what else I have missed? Hope all is well with the rest of you girls!

Kathi said...

I can't wait to see my book! I know you will do something very cool Colleen!
The wedding was a BLAST! Michael reported to Fort Campbell, Kentucky the next day.
They have their place on and belongings deliivered Saturday.
Jenn is on a plane as I write, flying to Nashville where Michael will get her this afternoon.
Foot feels good. Can't shower (ewww) can't drive (ughhh)til after Wednesday when I see the Doc.
BUT I have been hand stitching already!!
I will use this time off most effectively!