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Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Summertime!

How are ya'll doing? Anybody defacing altering books lately, lol? I've been chipping away at Neicy's, trying to do a 'section' is proving to be a challenge.
      I've started 3 different spreads and am working back & forth between them.  One spread is almost finished, one is barely started and the other is somewhere between the two extremes, lol. 

     On a personal note, we have serious buyers for the house!  Good timing, 'cuz Tommy starts burning accrued leave in June so he'll be free to carry boxes, lol.

Are we going to try to finish our books in time for COF?  No pressure, of course, just curious because it would be cool to see them all in person again.  It will also be cool to see all of you in person again!!

Creativity occurs in the moment, and in the moment we are timeless. (Julia Cameron)


Char said...

Happy summer!! Everybody staying busy?

Colleen Anderson said...

YEA!!!! Char! Does this mean the creative dry spell is over??

Kathi said...

I haven't had a book in quite a while! (not going to COF this year....)

Denise said...

unico lastiviHello AFFs!

I haven't had a single bit of spare time to work on the books sadly - but all is not lost, I've finished my internship & finals (only a board exam to go), wedding done, Alyssa's graduation complete so I'm free!!
I plan to whip out some altered books soon!! So sorry for the delay, please forgive my absence!

Kathi, I too am not going to the retreat this year - is everyone else going?

Colleen Anderson said...

I am not going to the COF this year either...and it is almost in my back yard! Choosing to go instead to the CQI retreat in Utah in September.

I still have Jody's book but have not touched it except for drooling (figuratively!)

My daughter's cesarean is this Friday and am booked up until the end of June with other obligations but hopefully July I can get to the altered book???? do seem to have kept frantically busy this year! Glad for you things are settling a bit!

Kath...your life doesn't seem to have slowed much...son's grad from boot camp and upcoming wedding, surgery...never ends does it!!??!

Jody...happy for you that your daughter is finished up with she can get on with her life and you can have less running, although I know you have loved every minute of following her...

Nicki...I know you had a wonderful, fast, trip to California to see those babies...they are adorable! I am sure you are busy, busy with lots of other things...always seem to have lots going on!

Char...are you lifeguarding again this year? Seems like that just ended from last year!