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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Working Someone Elses Altered Book

I spent some time yesterday looking at Kathi's book, it is starting to "talk" to me. Thinking of how I'm going to prep my pages etc and I froze! I know we aren't suppose to worry or stress, but as I started thinking about gluing it seemed so permanent!

Kathi, not to worry, I'll get over it and start creating soon.

Anyone making progress on this next round? Ideas? I'm feeling like glueing, painting, and cutting paper, we'll see what happens...


Kathi said...

Jody! Glue away! You can rip it out or paint over it if your not happy with it.
I actually spent time today contentedly doing some pages in Melissa's book. I just love using papers, glue, stamps, paint and even my sewing machine.

Char said...

I did a little painting in Colleens' book but just dabbling. I've decided what my 'focus' is but no real plan yet on what I want it to look like, lol. DH is in Boston til Wednesday so I hope to get a big chunk finished...or I may just sit up til all hours reading trashy novels...I haven't decided yet