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Friday, August 26, 2011

book update

Hi All,

I plan to get started on Jody's book this weekend - I have an idea!

I was up north last week with Lin & Joy - they wanted to try altered books as our vacation project. We had an awesome time & while there I did a practice page in my new book to see how I would like it for Jody's & it's a go! This one should turn out even better because I have one under my belt now:)

I can't even begin to tell you girls how much fun this is!


The Museum Quilt Guild said...

i know! my daughter started another one today...i am working on one she started when she saw us working on this project.

Kathi said...

oops...that's me! didn't realize i was still logged in my guild's blog!

Char said...

i've been staring at Colleen's a lot, lol. I discarded the first plan, too fussy. Got another idea but not sure how to proceed with it.

Colleen Anderson said...

I have to admit...I keep pushing the book project to the side to get other things is on the top, center of my work table though so I have to look at it, waiting patiently, every time I am working on something else. I have taken a bit of time to look and think about it...can't decide if I should be philisophical with it and global or personal to my will understand when you get this book (Denise's)...could go either way...

I have been in Colorado helping my kids move...helping is a loosely coined phrase...all I did was have fabulous grammy time! Heading home later today and then work the rest of the week...maybe this weekend??? I really can hardly wait to get started on it but I think I am a bit intimidated.