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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I need some pics from y'all

I teach jewelry making and an altered book class to kids 6-13 at the community college every summer & have been asked to prepare a display & do a demo. I'd like to make a slide show of the books we've been working on since I don't have but one altered book here. Most of the techniques I teach the kids are simplified A LOT because of their age & so don't really show the potential of the class. I would love to show some samples of what grow ups can do! If you are willing to let me show pics of your work please send me some. Thanks!!


Kathi said...

Char, I can send some pics of things I have done in some books. Do you want them in email?

Colleen Anderson said...

Char, you can show any pix of mine you may have or find. Do you want any pix of my jewelry or just the altered books?