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Monday, January 23, 2012

Finally working on Denise's book~yea!

Hello AFFs!  The New Year is off and running!  I finally had time today and the weather was warm enough (my studio is a three-season studio...not so great in the winter) that I could ponder and work on Denise's wonderful Altered Book.  Her theme is Moments/Decades/Time.  I was quite stumped for a long time...her book is a history book of Poland and I couldn't get past the seriousness of the book!  Finally decided I was over thinking it all and then couldn't decide if I should pick the decade of the 80's since that was when my kids were small or something else.  Finally, I decided to do the 50's since that was the decade when I was born and spent my early years in.  Then the question was do I do the 50's as history in the world at large to go with the history book that it was or do I do the 50's on a more personal level and what was popular in America in those times.  Finally I decided to just go through some of my stuff and see what struck me.  Yea!  I finally quit overthinking it!  Ended up doing the 50's as they pertained to me personally and things I remember from my youth.  Some of it brings back not so nice memories for me but much of it was happy and cheery.  I am finding working on this book and theme to be very cathartic for me at this time after my mother's death.  Enjoying working on it a lot...just wish I had had more time earlier to get it done sooner and keep the rotation going.  Oh well, can't control EVERYTHING in my life (like death of mother and major issues at work).  lol

My AFFs, have to say, was nervous about these altered books but am finding that when I quit over thinking them and just start playing with it I enjoy it very much!  Thank you Jody, for this genre!

Will post pictures before I mail this book on...will be several days.



Kathi said...

I can't wait to see what you do. I get so immersed in the books...hours pass,mess made and then...voila!

JodyC said...

Looking forward to seeing what you create.

I feel like I'm holding things up now. I have not been able to get back into the books since I got home from Spain. Getting home, tired from travelling right onto the holidays.

Went to Archivers (big scrapbooking / paper) store this past weekend and started to feel some inspiration. Made Valentines on Saturday starting to "feel" the altered books again.

I have Nicki's book...thinking thinking thinking...