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Sunday, February 6, 2011

1/2 done with Denise's book

Hi AFFs!!!  Well, I am pretty excited...half done with Denise's book...that is one page is complete and one page to go.  This book is have all done a beautiful job.  For some reason, when I started thinking about this book and theme, I knew exactly what I wanted to do!  Surprising for me!  Usually I stew and stew over things.

Anyhoo, Denise, I don't think I am going to post any pictures for you since we will be having our big reveal soon...keep it a surprise!

Looking forward to our reveal date...this project has been such a pleasure...very creative and no pressure (although I do admit that I gave myself a lot of pressure on Jody's book because I just wouldn't allow myself to get past what technique to use!  Maybe that is called creative block???).  Anyway, just wanted to update that I am working away and will certainly be finished in time for the reveal. 

Jody...are you thinking of what our next project will be in the altered book style you had talked about?


1 comment:

Denise said...

Colleen, I love surprises & am so looking forward to seeing what you've done with mine (as well as the others in person too)

I had forgotten to take a photo of Kathi's book before I sent in on so,you too Kathi will have to love surprises:)